Iver2 EcoMapper

The vehicle used for data acquisition was the Underwater Autonomous Vehicle (AUV) Iver 2 EcoMapper manufactured by Ocean Server Technology, Inc.

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The Iver2 AUV is a small man-portable AUV who works autonomously, that is, the user predetermined a route, which indicates the coordinates and depths of the points to be covered, and then the vehicle is able to follow it without the need of physical connection with the pilot. The vehicle has being able to reach depths of 100 meters. With a proven track record over thousands of missions, it is ideal for imaging and environmental surveys, including research, development, and OEM based applications. The Iver2 design allows to integrate new sensors and capabilities.

The following table summarizes the main characteristics:

Length 1,40 meters
Weight 24,2 kg
Autonomy 8 hours
Maximum Depth 100 meters

Sibiu (Seaview) Nano is another vehicle used to record images in this project. It is a ROV (Remoted Operated Vehicle), portable and open source, manufactured by Nido Robotics.

The company is a start-up located in Murcia, Spain whose objective is the development and manufacture of underwater drones (ROV) and related technologies (underwater video systems, sensors , etc).

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